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Hose Cutter

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Huskie Hydraulic Communication Cable Cutter W/ 6' High Pressure Hose
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Huskie Hydraulic Communication Cable Cutter W/ 6' High Pressure Hose

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Reprocess Plant For Granual by Om Industries, Nashik

Reprocess Plant For Granual by Om Industries, Nashik
To cater to the detailed necessities of our patrons, we are offering Reprocess Plant for Granual. These products are manufactured as per the defined quality ... From: Business Video Views: 10 0 ratings Time: 01:07 More in Science & Technology

gates hydraulic

gates hydraulic
gates hydraulic gates hoses gates hydraulic hose fittings gates hydraulique gates hydraulic gates hydraulic hose gates hydraulic hose crimper gates hydraulic... From: Ramocan Ganah Views: 8 0 ratings Time: 00:51 More in News & Politics

Samway C300 video

Samway C300 video
contact:jean@hydcrimp.com or skype:jeang.wang33 or whatsapp:+8615106178695. From: Jean Views: 2 0 ratings Time: 00:26 More in People & Blogs

Master Radiator Pressure Tester Kit 27Pc W Free Hd Ratchet Hose Cutter

Master Radiator Pressure Tester Kit 27Pc W Free Hd Ratchet Hose Cutter
Go To Our Link Below: http://amzn.to/1vveRVD Quickly reveals external cooling system leaksDetects internal engine leaks caused by blown head gaskets and/or c... From: Jewel Sherman Views: 59 0 ratings Time: 00:15 More in People & Blogs

Get Rid Of Potholes With The JCB 3CX Potholemaster

Get Rid Of Potholes With The JCB 3CX Potholemaster
This purpose-built backhoe loader can help you get rid of pot holes in your tarmac roads, not just fast, but without taking up too many lanes too. Thanks to ... From: diggersanddozers Views: 1837 7 ratings Time: 02:10 More in Autos & Vehicles

Into The Maelstrom – Snippet 53

This book should be available now, so this is the last snippet. Into The Maelstrom – Snippet 53 # Allenson stayed with the catapults until the men’s nerves settled then he and Hawthorn departed with the shift change as planned. He slept like a log that night and most of the rest of the next morning. ...

Anmeldelse af Fortællingen om prinsesse Kaguya

Titel: Kaguya-hime no Monogatari Spilletid: 2 t. 17 min. Genrer: drama, fantasy Instruktør: Isao Takehata Studie: Studio Ghibli Japansk premiere: 2013 Dansk premiere: 2015 Søndag formiddag til J-Popcon lagde jeg vejen forbi Grand Teatret til forpremiere på Fortællingen om prinsesse Kaguya. Jeg var r ...


The rear LHS brake line fittings were both frozen in place. The fitting on the RHS drum was also frozen. I ordered new brake shoes, new cylinders Beck Arnley 072-4047 Wheel Cylinder , female flare nuts from Dave Bean, a roll of steel brake tubing complete with a set of 3/16″ male flare fittings, a O ...

Green and Thrifty

Very green indeed this week - it is all about the garden. In the New Year I planted out my new vegie garden. Now look - eight weeks later, and we have actual vegies. All of these except the pumpkin were grown from seed, and the pumpkin I dug out of a friend's garden where they were rather prolific. ...

A Hand Tool Sale--one day left!

Hey Guys! A ton of our hand tools are on sale right now, the ones you know and love the most--up to 12% off. So if you're in the market for some awesome tools, or need to snag some for a buddy or family member, now's the time. We'll show you some of the sales here and then you can check them out ove ...

NAPA Service Tools Ratcheting Hose Cutter

NAPA Part Number SER 767. Cuts Industrial Air Hose, Multi Purpose Hose, Heater & Washer Hose, Non-Metallic Fuel Line Hose, PVC Pipes & Battery Cables Up To 1...

Metal Fabrication Cutting Tools - Making Sparks - Four Wheeler Network

It doesn’t matter if you are just getting into your first Jeep or fabricating a frame for your tenth, we all need some way to cut metal for our projects. Choosing the right tool for the job is extremely important. Using the wrong metal slicing device could be as effective as eating soup with a butter knife or as messy as cutting a tomato with a chainsaw. To help you pick the best tool for...

Source: www.fourwheeler.com

Latest News

  • Metal Fabrication Cutting Tools - Making Sparks

    03/03/15 ,via Four Wheeler Network

    A circular saw with an abrasive wheel is better suited to cutting tube stock and solid bars. There are also steel circular saw blades designed to cut aluminum. We have even heard of some people using a plywood blade installed backward to cut aluminum, 

  • How-To: Cardboard Robots and Rocketships

    03/02/15 ,via GeekDad (blog)

    We just had our son's second birthday party. He's a geek-in-the-making, and the theme we decided on for him was Robots and Rocketships. He already loves both thanks to a bounty of robot and rocketship toys he's received in the past two years, plus my

  • New Hedgecutter Extends Kuhn's Landscape Maintenance Range

    02/13/15 ,via Stackyard

    The Multi-Longer's frame is fully encased to protect the machine's working components, with all arm hoses further protected by an integrated casing and a swivelling hose support plate which reduces hose friction at the arm's pivot points. All joints

  • Washing machine hoses can save me how much?

    11/02/14 ,via STLtoday.com

    Those little hoses that you don't notice … one of them has split. It's not unusual. We can't expect them to last forever. These hoses are similar to our garden hoses outside. Have you ever had the water on outside for the hose, but the nozzle was off

  • The Wreck of the Kulluk

    12/30/14 ,via New York Times

    Eventually, with the help of a confidential informant, investigators would learn of the ship's multiple unreported engine failures and makeshift hose-and-barrel system for bilge water that discharged oily waste into the ocean. (Two years later, on Dec


  • Fog Cutter

    brandy, sherry, gin, lemon juice, rum, orange juice, syrup

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